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Fujitsu PalmSecure OEM Sensor – Standard

Fujitsu PalmSecure OEM Sensor – Standard£266.25

PalmSecure OEM Sensor from BiometricDirect provides award-winning Palm Vein Imaging Technology For Secure Identification and Authentication. Accurate and Secure. Advanced biometric authentication algorithm delivers ultra-low FAR (false accept rate) and FRR (false reject rate).

Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor Guide Kit

Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor Guide KitCALL

Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor from BiometricDirect provides a highly reliable biometric authentication system based on palm vein pattern recognition technology. PalmSecureâ„¢ features industry-leading authentication accuracy with extremely low false rates, and the non-intrusive and contactless reader device provides ease of use with virtually no physiological restriction for al

M2SYS Finger Vein Reader – M2-FV

M2SYS Finger Vein Reader – M2-FV£235.00   £229.99

M2SYS Finger Vein Reader authentication from BiometricDirect captures images of the vein patterns inside your finger providing a very accurate biometric.

M2SYS Palm Vein Reader with Hand Guide

M2SYS Palm Vein Reader with Hand Guide£395.00

M2SYS Palm Vein reader offers extremely low FAR and FRR rates, non-intrusive contactless authentication, and the highest reliability of all hand or finger based biometric authentication readers up to 500 users 1:N matching, the M2-PalmVein scanner is the ideal and most superior biometric reader for all environments.

Page 1 of 1:    4 Items
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