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Biometric Time And Attendance

BiometricDirect provides a range of leading biometric time and attendance units for single site, multi-site and cross border deployments. Biometric Time Clocks eliminate the risks of ‘buddy punching’ by uniquely identifying users using biometrics. Fingerprint, face recognition and vein readers are the most common units we provide, all backed up by PIN or smartcard alternatives on the same unit. Our quality biometric hardware and software algorithmns makes our units faster and more accurate than alternatives on the market.

BiometricDirect offers quality remote installation and phone support at just £59 ex VAT for one unit per year, or £99 ex VAT for up to 5 units or £149 ex VAT unlimited units.

Selecting Your Biometric Time and Attendance Solution

  • Deplyment style? You can choose from computer based software, or desktop units or wall mounted units. Wall mounted units are the most popular
  • Connection Options? All our desktop units are USB connections, all our wall mounted units have CAT5 connections, and some have WiFi and GPRS.
  • Which biometric? There is no single right answer, but face recognition is good for contactless clocking-in up to 400 users (e.g. construction sites or food preparation), and fingerprint is best for larger deployments above 400 users.
  • How many users? We supply fingerprint units at 2500 users as standard, or up to 8000 users on our largest unit (e.g. iClock 700). Face recognition works up to 400 users.
  • Indoor or outdoor? All our units are indoor units, but are suitable for use in portacabins and other sheltered units with some basic precautions. We have robust covers and units for construction sites.
  • Alternative to biometrics? All our units come with a backup authentication option, just in case you need it. Units have PIN numbers (look for the keypad) and all our units can have smartcard aerials fitted as an additional option. Smartcard aerials can read EM, MiFare or HID smartcards or their fob equivalents.



Face Recognition


RFID Smartcard

Our range of quality Biometric Access Control systems available includes fingerprint, palm or hand, iris, facial recognition and vein authentication. 

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Our range of quality biometric time & attendance provide automated staff management with fingerprint, vein, facial recognition, smartcard & PIN options.

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BiometricDirect provide a range of vein authentication solutions hardware and software, primarily for access control but can be adapted for attendance.

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All of our attendance management units can be upgraded to support EM, MiFare and HID RFID cards as single or multi-factor authentication for an integrated solution. 

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